Are mary kate and ashley dating anyone

by  |  05-Oct-2015 04:41

People also say that Ashley is too youthful but I actually take that as a compliment because I can be young forever unlike everyone else. That means that people think that I have a bad name and that I am a dumb blonde but I'm not. Oh and I forgot to say this but anyone who says anything bad about the name Ashley must be jealous of the people who get to have such a beautiful and unique name. This is a good name to pare with a traditional names, because it is both trendy and classic.

Names like "Tiphanie," "Kelli," "Christie," and the like are just a bit too youthful and too common, however lovely they would be if there wasn't such a rise in popularity over such unique names. Unfortunatley, it's so beautiful that it's very common. When Ashleys get older it will be more common for 40 year olds!

I would also like to say to the people who think it's too youthful and is not suitable for older people, that it's because the name wasn't popular until the 80's! The name Susan wasn't common for 40 year olds 40 years ago because it was just getting started, but now look how common it is for 40 year olds!

If not you should because people sometimes think things but don't say them. And I would prefer a common name that a RARE one (RARE is more accurate that UNIQUE). Sorry to tell you people who hate this name, complaining will not do anything about it.

This name is way better than some other names as well. It is their name, and if you have this name and hate it, then change it and don't complain/belittle others with the name.

Personally, I think you should name your child Ashley after its popularity has dropped.

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