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She struggled against the arms which held her down. Her breasts swung free as Kyle positioned himself behind her, rubbing her ass with his cock. Without warning, he thrust, and Christina felt the searing pain as her ass took his full length. Two guys grabbed her arms and drug her on her back to the bathhouse. The light was pretty much gone now, and, as she waited for Jim…., Christina Ricci wondered what he would say. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands caressing her naked waist.

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Kyle dropped his shorts, exposing an enormous cock.

Christina felt his huge cock rubbing her thigh as he prepared her cunt.

She felt his hot cum squirt into her, then he collapsed. I’ve always wanted to do this to your ass, ever since I’ve seen your movies" Her eyes widened as she realized what he meant. Strong hands picked her up, flipped her over and forced her to kneel.

" A chorus of voices rose up as every guy wanted to be next to fuck the young Hollywood star. He had a raging hardon again, "Help me flip her over.

"That’ll give the guys something to dream about tonight," she thought. She started to become uncomfortable with the way she was dressed. She even suspected they were trying to get her to bounce by strategically hitting the ball.

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