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Nourishes the hair to give it a healthy glow and sheen. 4-Slit open 5 Vitamin E capsules and pour it in the above mixture, shake it well and store in a cool dark place. however you have not specifically stated as to which herbal shampoo that contains the famed evion 400 contents that can give that bouncing hair look in case of thin hair. instead use camphor pieces against dandruff just add them to my oil and let them dissolve themselves it also keeps my head cool 🙂 nice article 🙂 Reply hi tapaswini.informative article…..loved reading this to bits….tell me where do we find this sahul hairina nutrient capsule that u mentioned and how to use it? Do use stimulate oil if you make this oil, as it is a mixture of several essential oils, just at Rs 170 which is cheap comparative to other brands of essentiial oils. 🙁 Do let me knw on the brands used for the carrier oils…& vitamin E capsule….since I am based outside India…. 🙂 The Sahul Hairina capsule can be taken at anytime during the day…or a specific time ? Also, just a quick question, These Sahul Hairina tablets, are they safe.they dont interfere with conceiving and all.. Reply Hi continuation with my earlier mail, can you please tell me how long did you use this oil till you started seeing the difference…. Can i use “Nature Made Vitamin E 1000 Iu Softgels Dl-Alpha” instead. Reply hi tapaswini, its really an awesome home remedy. i called them up but found out that they do not market this product in mumbai. I my problem is not regarding hair loss, but severe hair thinning. the only problem is the hairina capsule that is available only in kolkata and few other cities.. I have a severe problem of hair fall – one of factors could be less sleep – I sleep for only 5 hours everyday (as I have a small baby) Sometimes, I feel that I am balding…

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Please let me know about the mixture that I am using and whether – I should add/remove some ingredient to it. S: I don’t have any problem of dandruff (at any point of the year) Reply hi m new user where can i get vitamin e capsules from i lve in let me knw abt the sites or shops where i can get i’ve been to medicals n beauty shops but dint get lemme knw Reply Hey Tapaswani, very informative article..m having severe hairfall since like a long tym ..n i feel lyk getting bald now ..i wish to try this recipe too n wish it helps.. Im not getting this Sahul hairina capsule nywer , so kindly best suggest . Thanks, Sneha Reply hi Tapaswini, I m suffering severe hair lossing problem and i found ur blog and feeling happy with ur blog after reading recipes for prevening hair loss. thanks, gayatri Reply Dear I am going through severe hair loss, taking supplements like vitamin E and C, Omega3 n other prescribed medicines by doc. Most irritating thing is that I get more hair breakage while OILING. Shampoo Nuforce lotion as prescribed my doctor Reply I am not sure whether you are still active or not, I would like to thanks Tapaswini.

Also m having a 2.6yrs baby, whom i still bf in night , so is it fine to take these ; 3). I consulted dr also but i cant see much result of his medicines. I ve almost all, but i am confusing which vitamin E serum use for hair 🙁 I found Jason Vitamin E 5000IU skin oil. I found some Vitamin E serums which r having gelatin and also those are supplements. I am searching that oil,if not what is the replacement for that? I used it back in 2012 and have seen amazing results back then but stopped using for a while after that and trust me, thats the worst thing I have done to my hair.

Seriously never ever thought of writing for a fashion blog.

But after seeing sooooo many superb reviews and also getting benefitted by those, I got inspired to write something which I am sure would benefit others.

The massage itself helps to stimulate the circulation of the scalp and hair follicles, which will make it easier for the hair follicles to absorb the valuable nutrients provided by the coconut oil, nutrients which are necessary to re-grow hair.

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