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This mini CNN collects clips or viral videos falling within the Good News remit – animals, pranks, kids, weird technology, sports, music, Boris Johnson reaction shots – and presents hours of footage to Howard and his co-writers, Steve Hall, Steve Williams, Karl Minns and Matt Forde, at the end of the week.

He admits he has no idea how Good News will handle Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, given the show’s light-hearted brief.

“With a situation like that you have to look at the way the news is presented,” he says.

“We’ve had stories in the past, like the floods, or any bad weather stories, which don’t seem funny or interesting, but sometimes the way the news presents them is.” With last year’s floods, Howard had fun with Sky News’ footage of a family of voles found clinging to life in a Yorkshire village, then cut to the contrasting situation in Malaysia – a reporter talking to camera with his head barely visible above the water.

Looking at how your news sausage is made, he explains, “moves you away from causing offence when it’s a contentious issue.

Next to obvious headers such as ‘Thatcher funeral’, ‘Kim Jong-un’ and ‘Justin Beiber Anne Frank’, others leap out: ‘Liquid ass’, ‘porn star flapjacks’, or ‘Lesley Garrett fisting tips’.

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