Ariel lin and bolin chen dating

by  |  08-May-2015 21:01

The project gathers Lala, Chen Feng and Wang Wei, creating awkward moments for the trio.

As a front, Go Lala Go 2 has a strong main cast lineup that certainly evokes the curiosity to see what these three can collectively bring out in this movie.

Ariel Lin plays the role of Du Lala, the modern independent woman who strives to work her way up the social ladder.

Lala is torn, will she say yes to Chen Feng or reconcile with Wang Wei…

Movie Review: If you are somewhat well-versed with Taiwanese television dramas, Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou and Chen Bolin certainly do not look unfamiliar to you.

The sequel directed by Andrew Chien sees Du, now in her 30s, finally receive a marriage proposal from her long time suitor, though by then she is already dating another man. It will later be exclusively screened on FIC’s Chinese movies channel, SCM (STAR Chinese Movies) linear, Vo D and online catch-up service (SCM Play) in Asia Pacific, as well as North America.

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