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by  |  11-Sep-2016 02:56

Since I started hosting guest posts, I’ve been bugging C (aka Cat Pajamas), my partner of roughly 3.5 years (and now gayancée), to write one for me.

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Although I like people that are different from the norm. Since usually my relationships have a very sexual nature to them.

If someone asked me that before I started transitioning, I probably would have said “no” since I was quite a bit more sexually active at the time (and ignorant). At this point, I’m not sure if there was a reason I messaged you for reasons other than “I don’t know what asexuality is” and I think we had some music groups in common. What surprised me is how comfortable you were with certain kinds of play.

This mostly eliminated any large problems or anything long lasting.

Besides the initial confusion that I’ve had a few people experience, there haven’t been any actual problems from it that caused a loss of friendship or any actual drama. Who can say really, but discussing the experience as soon as I could certainly seemed to help.

Most of my early sexual experiences were with people that I was just friends with, so I got an early viewpoint on the difference between being romantically involved with someone and just having sex with them.

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