who is gail goestenkors dating - Ashton kutcher and katherine heigl dating

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Heigl’s upbringing became even more traditional; she went to church regularly, said prayers before meals and was reportedly not allowed to date until the age of 16.

When she was only 17, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy.

Following on the heels of this incident, her parents then divorced.

on 24 November 1978, Katherine Heigl’s early years were a far-cry away from the razmattaz of Hollywood.

The family moved around several times while Heigl was young, jumping from residences in Virginia to Denver, until they finally settled in Connecticut, where they lived in an old Victorian-style farmhouse in the wealthy town of New Canaan.

She was soon earning $75 an hour to pose for top catalogues, such as the Sears Catalogue.

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