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These men, after making the totals for their respective circles, passed them on to the Charge Superintendents, who, in their turn, submitted the totals for their charges, through the Tahsildar, to their District Officers. They will not permit the existence amongst them, or beside them, of any castes like the Navasakha of Northern India. At the head- quarters of the Districts, and under the supervision of the officers specially deputed for the Census work, all these totals for charges were added together, and, according to instructions previously given, Were telegraphed by the District officers direct to the Census Commissioner at Simla. They will not take water from any one lower than themselves. You can also text items and like photos, and only girls know if they also like you.

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M' XI Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library. The work then consisted in the itinerant enumerators finding out if the persons mentioned in the schedule were present in their houses and if there were any additions or subtractions to be made in the number of persons shown there. 26,210 1,813 3,278 25,922 1,110 3,105 336 772 289 597 25,899 292 761 2,602 25,762 215 670 2,536 10 11,224 2,295 1,424 171 222 10,375 2,028 1,346 227 251 39 39 329 TABLE- VIII. The Hv(ler;iba ■•• • •■ SUBSIDIARY Distribution of Name of Caate.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Whatever additions, alterations or removals were then found necessary to be made, were made in red ink. On the 2nd of March, all the enumerators along with their supervisors, met at an appointed place and prepared what are called the " First Totals ", which told us the number of houses occu- pied and the number of males and females each block contained. 3-36 ■f i Gulbargah 13 villages-; L 14-64 32-94 4 Lingsugor ... 47-58 r 19 villages ' of the Southern Indian Brahmins is very doubtful.

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