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So if they’re in a crisis, they feel an understandable urge to set out their own version of events.In a lot of cases, they take some strength from having their struggles documented.” Ethical concerns can be eased, he says, by the knowledge that some interviewees feel their lives are being memorialised.And there is, he thinks, “probably” something therapeutic about talking to an interviewer.

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He’s in town to promote his three-part series on Los Angeles, in which he meets people living on the edge, either of life or society. Son of the writer Paul Theroux, brother of novelist Marcel, cousin to American actor and screenwriter Justin, Louis grew up in London, went to a top private school and then to Oxford. that’s quite real.” He is not, he admits, completely relaxed talking to me.

He tries, with that quizzical look of his, to understand his interviewees as they lie on their death beds or contemplate the sexual crimes of their past. He got a first in history and started out as a print journalist before winning recognition for his roving role on Michael Moore’s TV Nation series. “I’m not that good at dissembling or concealing, let alone lying, so if I have any sense of anxiety, it’s that I know there’s a real danger that I’ll blurt out the whole truth about who I am and how we work and what I’m about.

In fact, cameras actually caught the moment the 22-year-old dodged Donald's kiss when he went in for a peck on the cheek!

At least she softened the blow by kindly rubbing his arm after rejecting him…

Ch-ch-check out Tiffany and Donald's missed connection (below)!!!

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