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If you want to turn this into a drinking game (and who doesn’t), have the bride drink when she gets an answer wrong and all the guests drink when she gets one right! What one thing of Mike’s would Ashley most want to throw away? What is Mike’s favorite thing about Ashley’s personality?

Here’s a sample list of questions I’ve used in the past: Where did you two first meet? What one thing did Mike care about most in terms of the wedding? If Mike could live anywhere is the world where would he choose? When Ashley says, “Mike, they’re playing our song” what song are they playing?

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Complete the following sentence: “A perfect wife is one who __________________________” You’ve gone to Publix to pick up milk. At what time of the day would Ashley most likely try to seduce Mike?

On a whim, you decide to get Ashley a little surprise treat.

(I actually recommend putting this in the email header.

One groom said he started reading my email aloud to his bride before realizing what is was and suddenly shutting up.) The questions can range from simple, like “when is your anniversary” or “what was your first date” to scandalous, like “what’s the wildest place you’ve had sex.” I try to tailor it to the couple and always encourage the guy to throw in a few of his own (these can be some of the funniest because the guys get so specific).

A fun and fast character game, which works best when played in the game show style.

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