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Residues of cannabis, moreover, have been detected in vessels from Judea and Egypt in a context indicating its medicinal, as well as visionary, use.Jesus is described by the apostle Mark as casting out demons and healing by the use of this holy chrism.Nucor Building Systems has been a leader in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered metal building systems for more than two and a half decades.

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Within the Sushrita, cannabis is cited as an anti-phlegmatic and a cure for leprosy." Jonathon Green ], based on traditions from the time of Shen Nung, marijuana is depicted as an ideogram [pictorial symbol] of plants drying in a shed. recommends marijuana for more than 100 ailments, including gout, rheumatism, malaria, and absentmindedness." - Jesus Allegedly Uses Anointing Oil Made with Cannabis "In the Bible’s New Testament, Jesus...

anointed [his disciples] with [a] potent entheogenic [psychoactive substance] oil, sending out the 12 apostles to do the same [around the year 30 AD]...

Prescriptions for cannabis in Ancient Egypt include treatment for the eyes (glaucoma), inflammation, and cooling the uterus, as well as administering enemas.

Lise Manniche, Ph D - Bhang, a Drink of Cannabis and Milk, Is Used in India as an Anesthetic Bhang, a cannabis drink generally mixed with milk, is used as an anesthetic and anti-phlegmatic in India.

pints) of olive oil, with a variety of other herbs and spices.

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