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Fridge items will be delivered in insulated packaging using a premium courier service, guaranteed to arrive by 1pm the day after dispatch.These measures ensure the product remains between 2-8°C and arrives in perfect condition.For more information, please see our Hoof Biotine is a comprehensive nutritional supplement from Audevard, formulated to support healthy horn growth, as well as improving coat & hair quality.

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The form of Biotin in Equistro Kerabol Biotin, is D-Biotin, which is the most effective type for improving the quality of your horse's hooves.

Feeding Instructions Horse (500kg)- Give 15g daily 1kg will last for 66days Ponies- Give 3.75g daily 1kg will last for 266days page for more information.

Equistro Kerabol Biotin is formulated to support healthy hoof & hair metabolism, giving your horse strong hooves & a shiny coat.

As well as Biotin, it contains Methionine; Zinc; Manganese & Selenium.

It has been developed by vets & farriers to help treat & prevent against cracked, brittle feet.

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