Blind dating subtitrare regie

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Perhaps thirty people on the planet own this miracle and show it infrequently and in semi-secret to an admiring coterie...

This has been an alltime Flixy Fave must have gay movie for over 15 years.

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Though the word Jew is never uttered in "Anders als Du und Ich," the movie's openly gay bad guy goes by the certainly non-Aryan name of Dr.

Boris Winkler, and his man-servant is known only by his, in Germany most Semitic of surnames, Maurice.

The DVDs should be available through in near future I was told, from what I know "Blind Husbands" might be an improvement on the Kino edition, a longer version with tinting and some extras.

Aside from the announced films and ones by some lesser known German directors of the 70s (Schilling, Achternbusch), there are films planned by the following directors: Dieterle, E. Dupont, Eisenstein and Pabst (no idea which titles) and Robert Reinert, Hanns Walter Kornblum and Manfred Noa.

Audio will be Russian DD 1.0 with German and English subtitles.

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