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Turns out, she was a model downtown Chicago running to class between castings and shoots, but she didn’t want anyone to know.

I suppose you can say it made sense, right, the bodybuilder dating the 6ft beautiful brunette print model. The real reason we connected was the first night we hung out, she asked what I was studying and I told her creative writing.

I wasn’t from there, I didn’t know the language, I knew nothing of their way of life — I was a city boy who had spent his adolescence growing up playing video games.

To make matters worse, I was a bodybuilder, so everyone there (no gym in sight) was extremely intimidated by what I looked like.

Beside herself, so excited (she loved reading), she asked what it was about. Of course, the gorgeous girl who wants to fall in love with a writer, and I’m writing about… She was quiet and humble and wore non revealing clothes and spent her Friday and Saturday nights reading alone in her apartment. How I had fallen into bad situations, drug abuse, rehab.

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