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Although Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) were framed as the stars of the show, it did not take long for Brooke Davis to quickly become a fan favorite.

Expertly portrayed by Sophia Bush, Brooke was gorgeous, sincere, tough and most definitely hilarious.

From brutal truths, snappy comebacks and one-liners, it was easy to see why fans latched on to Brooke and loved her as she transformed from high-school cheerleader to high-school president to a smart-savvy businesswoman.

There were a lot of great Brooke Davis lines on but here are 12 of the best!

His personal life is not clear at this moment but he looks like a married man.

Only one thing is clear about his personal life and that is he has one child whose name is Brooke Davis.

Information and details on his wife and family is not available at this time.

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