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He started organizing in neighborhoods with heavy concentration of homelessness and tutoring homeless students.

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Upon being selected as a Haas Leader, Brittney now has the bandwidth to devote her time to interning at Essie Justice Group, an organization that supports women with incarcerated loved ones, highlighting the negative impacts of the Prison Industrial Complex from this perspective.

Daniel Moreno is a first-generation Chicano student from South Central Los Angeles, studying Economics and Public Policy.

Although she jokes often about being “in the struggle”, poverty is something that she is familiar with having grown up in impoverished conditions in Fontana, CA for most of her life.

After coming to the well-resourced Berkeley, California, she experienced the classism, racism and sexism, that is alive and well in her day-to-day life.

Contact Fela Thomas at [email protected] you have questions about hosting a Cal intern in the coming school year or about our program.

Cal alumni dating

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