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The cream-coloured bull Euskadi is targeting "females who live for blondes", while Braise boasts an "exceptional rump".

But unfortunately for Bariton the bull and Desiree (or Henrietta or Anita) their love will remain virtual, with no long walks or passionate moments in a French field.

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Once Frobert makes his choice it all gets rather clinical, and a specimen of the bull's semen is dispatched to him for artificial insemination.

Sylvain Frobert, a cattle breeder who uses the website "" (find the right bull), which will soon have versions in English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese to "export French genetic know-how" to lucky cows worldwide With the falling price of meat, genetic progress has allowed farmers to breed animals that are "profitable, super efficient and adapted to the market," said Pascal Soulas of Charolais Univers, which carries out artificial inseminations and uses biotechnology to tweak the genetic profile of the breed.

Why are none of the dating sites like, etc legit?

Founded in 2011, The Great American NO BULL Challenge is a social action organization that uses the power of social media and the magic of filmmaking to inspire students to create short films or PSA’s that raise awareness and inspire positive social action on issues affecting today’s youth.

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