dating for fat people - Candidating sermon

by  |  09-Nov-2015 02:34

For that reason Scott Gibson’s advice, that we preach our “best average sermon” seems wise.

Their judgment has more to do with whether they would want to listen to us on a weekly basis than it has to do with their own response to the message that we came to bring. We can’t really change it, though we’re best not to dwell on this reality obsessively.

The best thing we could do is the same thing that we ought to do whenever we stand to preach.

Some are appointed by a bishop and some are chosen by elders or a committee.

We Southern Baptists usually use the procedure listed below.

I’m not sure what King George had to do with it, but we all have those sure-fire, can’t miss sermons that are certain to put us in the best possible light.

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