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Casualdating uk com

Aim-listed Cupid is focusing its attentions on its 'niche' dating sites such as and, as well as its mainstream sites such as and

Given its commitment to these sites, Cupid could part company with its casual business which includes,, and

One of the many benefits that comes with living in a dating app world is the ability to date ‘casually’.

Like friends with benefits, casual dating gives you sex and someone to watch Netflix with, but not have to buy an anniversary present. Also read: 15 perks of getting married in your early 20s (or even younger)Pay particular attention to the awkward hand brush.

Cupid's dating websites such as might be targeted at those looking for some flirty fun, but the dating business will be hoping for some long-term commitment from the suitors showing an interest in their 'casual' sites.

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