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Big Boi was one fierce kitty who threatened the safety of his owners, challenged their friendship and ruined their dating life.Has Jackson finally found the answers they were looking for to save the day?We asked Galaxy to dig in -- any excuse to post some adorable cat clips: "We are so grateful when a cat does anything, because that is not a cat's MO. Got to put that on You Tube.' That's how you suddenly have 75 million views of a cat playing a keyboard." "I don't know if you've seen the sort of viral videos where someone puts a hoodie on a dog, and they put their hands out through the sleeves, now you got the dog eating at the table. But try doing that with a cat sometime -- and escaping with your appendages intact. So, anytime that a cat does something that we find universally cute, like jumping in and out of a box, or something like that, we're like, 'Gotta have that.

I was the behaviorist on call, and let me tell you something: you get a dozen cats on a stage in front of an audience... Then you try to get them to run through a maze, or do X, Y, or Z.

"It pointed to the fact that you're better off just trying to catch cats on camera when it comes to behavior, rather than trying create it.

I don't like the brand that's put out there, and I don't think that, by and large, anyone is advocating for that cat, while they're doing what they're doing. Mike does it the right way." "I've come into contact with so many people who just want to get their cat famous, and when that's the main thrust of things, it can never be good. Someone's always got to be on guard and looking out for what's best for the cat. This cat was born with a physical deformity, where she basically has no front appendages past the elbow. She's gorgeous, and she does all these cute things. The cool thing was that her Instagram account just naturally started going crazy.

Her guardian was telling me how all these people would write to her and say, "I want this cat so bad." So I hooked her up with adoption agencies that deal with special-needs cats, and she was all over that idea, using social media to promote and still entertain at the same time -- that's a win-win. I'd rather see that, than a cat selling cappuccinos, or whatever." "Maru represents what I love.

But one of the things that was really eye-opening to me, was during a tour of Asia, about a month ago, I heard people say, 'I'm afraid of cats.' People say, 'I just don't like cats' or, 'I'm a dog person.' In Asia, turns out that the people who say they hate cats, and the people who say they're afraid of cats, are the same person. Me and my wife find these videos every day, that just absolutely puts a great period at the end of your day.

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