updating a progress bar during php scripts - Charging ipod without updating

by  |  20-Sep-2015 10:23

The i Pod, once connected, did not like it and did not want to charge.Since it was so cheap I just let it sit in a drawer forgetting about it.

My note 3 phone stops drawing current at around 6.5 volts meaning it has overvoltage protection per the USB specs.

With 4 volts on both data lines the Note 3 charges at its fastest rate. The current is controlled on demand by the phone once it auto recognizes what DC volts are present on the data lines. Most "experts" (and I say that because they don't all agree) claim that when a Li Po is approaching full, you should.- dramatically taper off current- pulse charge Besides it not being recommended, I think you'd find that a 5V source would have trouble pushing a substantial current into an almost full Li Po.

Thanks for this tutorial some great knowledge in here!

Just a note..the power source can handle it you can use a 270 ohm resistor in place of the 330 to get 2.75v across both data lines to charge at upto 2.1A without using loads of different resistors No worries.

The same behaviour I expected to be observed on my i Pod.

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