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And then, eh, she just didn't want to be married anymore. When I took those vows, for me it was for life, you know, as far as I was concerned. And what they want and what the other person wants... So going back and looking at that, maybe she was the true one love. So you say you don't believe in love now, but have you always felt that way? But then I realized that was only because he was on drugs. We're making a documentary about Charlyne and love.

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- Yeah, I haven't seen you since probably when we were playing Frisbee.

I saw her do a show about, probably, a year ago, - and we just started hanging out.

Do you think that Charlyne believes in love even though she says she doesn't?

I think if Charlyne ever falls in love - she'll keep it very close to herself. I don't think she's gonna make it public to anybody.

So anyway, we were crossing this river and I almost made it to the other side when my horse lost its footing and rolled, and me and the horse went down the river. It overtook me and it held me under the water for a good 30 seconds... And I remember it being very serene, a very pretty color. And I was saying to myself, "I can't die like this. But the point of the story is that the love from that marriage was still there. I think, not the chemicals but the processing of them... But I think it would not be unusual or abnormal to think that there are some people...

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