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The examples are numerous, and through them all the III Legion was granted the exclusive right to bear the Palatine Aquila, the Emperor's personal standard, in its own heraldry, the only Space Marine Legion allowed to display the Aquila on its arms and armour until after the Horus Heresy, when the practice spread to all the Legions that had remained loyal to the Imperium.

This honour was bought in blood as the III Cohort (Chapter), assigned to the Imperial Compliance ceremonies and as the Emperor's honour guard for Proxima's formal accession into the Imperium, fought and died to the last warrior alongside the Legio Custodes, never giving ground during the insurrectionist surprise attack on that world's ceremonial plaza.

From this height they descended in treachery to the lowest and vilest of creatures, enslaved to pride and consumed by hedonistic desires that no natural power could fulfill.

The Emperor's Children are now a shattered Legion much like their counterparts the World Eaters, their unity devoured by their allegiance to Chaos.

This differed notably from many of the First Founding Space Marine Legion forces at this time, who were often deployed as unified commands en masse to serve as shock troops supported by heavy war machinery only.

Coordinating and leading such "lesser" troops seemed a natural fit for the former aristocrats of the III Legion.

While the great Aquila in its variations signified both the Imperium of Humanity and loyalty to the Emperor as its master, and there is much allegory bound up into its form, for the III Legion it also now represented their own deeds as well, an honour never given to another Space Marine Legion before the Great Betrayal.

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