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Miss Dior Cherie is young and romantic, she possesses good taste and style, she looks smart, but youth is youth, and this young lady looks pretty with a pop corn bag in hands.

The top notes are wild strawberry leaves and green tangerine.

this web really told me that.) lol and yeah, I can smell the buttery popcorn. But, strawberry and cherry made it extra girly so... It's clean, yet, can be buttery juicy gourmand at the same time. (Burn this one if you are gothic) lol Like a bright smile on a sunny day!

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It possesses a sugary-yet-fresh quality that applies well to carefree and ultra confident young people, but there is also something missing, some accord that doesn'twork, some harmony that should happen but doesn't. 2005: Back in early 2006 I simply could not wait to get this.

I was so impressed by a review I had read on a magazine (Fragrantica didn't exist back then) I thought it should be a must try, so I got a full bottle for myself without giving it much thought. Upon application, it proved nothing like I expected though...

Delicious and clean, I don't know of another sweet scent which leaves such a wonderful aura behind. Says a lot about the history of perfumery and where we are now...

I wish it hadn't smelled rather cloying in close distance. On me this is an average meh scent, the popcorn is salty and the most prominent note, annoying, and the rest is sub par for a Dior house, the caramel/cherry is mediocre on my skin .

I love love love most Dior frags - have not run into one yet I am not fond of, but this one is a definite must-add to my collection :) I came across an empty of this that still had about 5ml left for 4 euros in a car boot sale and I was just hooked on it.

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