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Etiquette can’t keep up with us—not that we would honor it anyway—so ex relationships run on lust and impulse and nosiness and envy alternating with fantasy.

It’s a dozen soap operas playing at the same time on a dozen different screens, and you are the star of them all.

I have 700 friends on Facebook, 36 of whom I consider exes. Alarmists fret that casual sex discourages intimacy. When you share your bed, your toothbrush, your sexual hang-ups, and the topography of the ­cellulite on your butt with a stranger, the intimacy is real. You are privy to information his family and friends are not; you know what he sounds like when he orgasms and when he snores.

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(I’ve changed some of the names in this story, not that it makes much difference.) “Hey, what’s up,” Paul texted.

Anne pulled the phone into bed with her, set the ringtone to silent, and watched his next message appear: “Are you married yet?

In that way, texts offer a kind of risk-free come-on.

“Not married but I have a boyfriend,” Anne replied.

” Because texts generally occur between two parties and on private devices, they are intimate.

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