Coping rejection dating

by  |  29-Jul-2015 02:34

Now news of your failure is spreading like wildfire through your entire community, leaving you emotionally stranded as an object of ridicule who will never, Of course, what you imagine is far worse than the reality by orders of magnitude, but being rejected still sucks.

However, it doesn’t have to be the apocalyptic event that you’ve built up in your mind.

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You need to remember that it only like everyone rejects you; you still have friends and family who love and care for you.

It’s literally all in how you’re choosing to see things.

Remember: it takes a lot of guts to make that approach.

Are you a loser for having been rejected, or are you a hero for reaching down, grabbing your nuts (or your ovaries) and saying “To hell with everything else, I’m going to from failure, however.

Repeated failures let you refine your process, eliminating errors and mistakes and narrowing down your pathway to success.

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