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Most of the trackway was re-buried after archaeological investigation, and we can actually walk on it, a foot or so under our feet!

This tour ends around 5.30pm and we are free to spend the evening as we wish - perhaps a relaxing supper in a pub, or a meal in one of Glastonbury's many restaurants.

The afternoon is free time to visit the shops, relax and enjoy the special atmosphere of this unique place. We visit the holy sites of Glastonbury, starting with Wearyall Hill, where grows the Glastonbury Thorn, inexorably linked with Joseph of Arimathea.

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After an hour or so at Stonehenge, we drive to Avebury where we can walk amongst and touch the huge stones, one of which weighing over 50 tons!

Peter will lead us to the sacred centre, where there was, up until the late 18th Century, a hugely tall Obelisk. After lunch at the pub in Avebury, we travel to a nearby Crop Circle (providing there is one! These strange and mystifying structures are often centered in the Avebury area. This structure pre-dates Avebury and was a place of burial and ritual during early Neolithic times.

Arrive at our accommodation at Penzance in Cornwall.

DAY 6 - We visit Boscawen-un stone circle, St Just and little-known Bosca's Well and fogou. DAY 7 - We explore the stone circles, standing stones and holy wells of the West Penwith area of Cornwall, near Penzance.

DAY 10 - We are driven to Castle Cary station for our train to London or other destinations. DAY ONE - We pick you up in the morning from Castle Cary railway station, the nearest station to Glastonbury.

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