Dale earnhardt jr dating amy cook

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"I don't know, man," Earnhardt said when that question was posed. But I've had 10 years to screw it up and I haven't. Popularity comes to a lot of athletes when they're winning, but when you sustain it when you're not winning, then it somehow becomes more real, genuine. If you don't believe winning is important to him, go back and look at the way he celebrated in Victory Lane before this skid began.

He didn't take it for granted then, and he won't the next time, either."Every time I won a race I feared it might be my last," said Earnhardt, who has 18 victories in Cup.

"I'd come out of that car feeling like it might be the last time, so I'm going to let it all hang out."We were always kind of loud and rowdy.

It was just because you just never knew what was going to happen down the road.

There have been rumors that NASCAR's most popular driver for nine consecutive seasons has been dating someone for over a year, but until last week's champion's celebration in Las Vegas he hadn't gone public about his relationship with Amy Reimann.

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