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It doesn’t look like it was done on purpose or damaged. Thx Reply I found d 69 beanie babies and tinnie beanies and some from Mc. PA-1965(KR), All new material, Contents: polyster fiber & P. Pellets in cloth bag, Hand made in Korea and lastly the letters (? Would really love to know if this beanie is worth anything and at the very least, what generation each tag is, etc. I read some of your blog and seems you have a passion for this. Because the Classic toys never became as popular as Beanie Babies, very few if any of them have value.

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Reply If anyone is having trouble on finding price I have a list of prices.

It is from 1996 and has been stored the entire twenty years. I searched and searched and found not one single one like it.

1st Generation Beanie Babies that have the 1st Generation Hang Tag can be worth money. I have what seems to be a “Beargundy” Bear jointed but the fur is different than all the other “Beargundy” Bears that I have found online. The bear does not have the tag with its name but it does have the tush tag ((c)1993 TY INC. Reply I posted a list of prices I researched on many sites and I think this might help you.

Those are some of the most rare Beanie Babies available on the secondary market and some can sell for hundreds of dollars even today. Reply I have a pig that is a TY beanie with no name old face and old tags. My aunt has many rare beanie babies and they are worth ALOT.

Reply if you need help send me pictures and name and i can give u todays price…now they can change from day to day price…beanies in subject line when you email me and be sure to add your first name….email address:[email protected] Here are 1st Generation Tush Tags: Here are Hang Tag Generations 1-4: Reply yes I can…first does Quackers have wings or no wings if wingless might be a 2nd or 3rd gen worth about maybe $500.00 with wings about $75 to 100…..better if I can see a picture can tell you more…this helps you my pleasure to help Reply There are many different types of “Quacker” ducks. The only ones with significant value will have a 1st Generation Tush Tag: Reply I have a Beanie Babie?

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