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Thanks a lot you can contact me for further help just email me at [email protected]& i will try to give every possible assistance to you my sister. Tanveerof course not, you must convert or he get convert but if he converted Muslims will consider him apostate and will slaughter himso i think you should convertand the kids should be Muslims or he will show you what he can do about thisyou will like that site: may love each other, respect each other and all your parents agree and even encourage you, but Islam allow Muslim man to marry only Muslim, Christian, Jew female.

If you are not one of the three, the rules still the same.

big problem sure and u will be confused at last.-Advise moslim to keep on his dealing-All people are equal in front point of islam.-.....................!!!!!!?????

Sure you will find some moslims break some of this instruction who will be at once a bad person untill he regret and stop to be a Good person once again because the rule to be good not bad.

my boyriend is Egyptian, believe in love each other, but can it ever work?

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