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One single-coil (1951–1957) Usually one two-piece split-coil humbucker (1957–present) One split-coil humbucker and one Jazz Bass single-coil ("PJ" configuration) One split-coil humbucker and one humbucking Jazz Bass pickup (1995-2009) The Precision Bass (often shortened to "P-Bass") is a bass guitar manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

In its stock configuration the Precision Bass is a solid body, four-stringed instrument equipped with a single split-coil humbucking pickup and a one-piece, 20 fret maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard.

When Fender migrated to serial numbers on the neck plates in 1954 all of their guitars were supplied from the same box, in a sense, in no particular order (some basses though had numbers on the bridge as late a '56).

It was also becoming hard to hear in large bands or those that used amplified instruments and it requires skill to play such that it can not be readily picked up by any guitarist. The name "Precision" came from the use of frets to play in tune more easily than upon the fretless fingerboard of the double bass.

The electric bass lacks the distinctive acoustic qualities of the double bass, offering a more solid, harder-edged sound with more sustain.

Unfortunately dating older Fender instruments by serial number is at best an approximation.

Fender was less interested at the time in tracking serialization than they were at producing a quality product.

The 1956 Fender Precision Bass traditionally has a 34" scale length and featured a two tone sunburst (or blond) finish on a solid Ash or Alder body, 20 fret Maple neck with a 7.25" radius, 1 single coil pickup, Nickel/Chrome plated hardware with a Volume and Tone control.

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