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A good souvenir from Wales would be a traditional Welsh ‘love-spoon’ as carved by a farmhand for his fair maid in days gone by.(Which reminds us of a old joke: Dr Doolittle, a man famous for being able to speak to animals, was visiting a farm in Wales.

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They tend to be quite direct, especially in Swansea and Cardiff, but are quieter and more pacific out in the sticks.

If you want to engage in conversation, good topics include the last rugby match when Wales beat England, the Welsh win in the Rugby Six Nations Championship in 2005, the previous one in 1978, or what a cracking pint of beer Brains Brewery in Cardiff makes.

The Morriston Orpheus is probably the best known, but many towns in South Wales have them.

If you visit Wales during the first week of August, you may care to visit the National Eisteddfod – a celebration of Welsh music, poetry and arts that varies in its location every year between north and south Wales.

'Those living in urban areas are often more cautious and pragmatic with their feelings, partly because of their fast-paced lifestyles but also because of the perceived dangers that come with living in a city.'Jemima Wade, spokesperson for e Harmony, added: 'The study shows that whilst the meaning behind I love you is universal, the when, where and how we say it is truly unique - which is what makes it special for every couple.

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