online dating advertisement - Dating agency is looking for cooperation clients

by  |  08-Apr-2016 17:43

We also receive offers to purchase Russian Women's Profiles. Used spam technologies andinitiated contacts on men who posted their profiles on thesesites.

They received tons of letters and replied back to every letterin no time using pre-written pattern templates. Their letters were signed 'I love you' and'I kiss you'.

It should be noted that all victims either wrote to 'girls' whoseprofiles were posted on free web-sites or were contacted by scammersfirst.

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This is especially true of agencies without Western connections.

We operate in a totally honest manner at all times.

Some of these scam agencies hire old ladies/men to write letters to male clients.

Beautiful photos of fake Bride Russian Women these people purchased, or stole, from other sites.

Especially Surprising: Agencies that only have physical locations in Russia, Ukraine & Moldova, No Western Locations, are big offenders.

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