Dating an intense personality funny comic strips about dating

by  |  20-Jan-2016 19:09

But, the type of personality you might describe as "intense", isn't always such a good thing, I don't believe.In fact, with many of these people, I am of the opinion that they have a mental disorder, and could even be dangerous because of these intense emotions they seem to have.I feel like I'm kind of a laid-back person, most of the time.

I DO want to point out that this is only my opinion, and I don't have any links or articles to back it up.

But the type I'm speaking of is a clingy-needy-extroverted, but inwardly insecure type of person. I do, however think that we all can become intense, during certain emotional situations. I do know a girl who was very intense in her actions towards others, and demanded attention at all times.

Coincidentally, it's one of my favorite "love" stories.

Do I need to say more about my own emotional health...?!

I'll see a few things here and there on the internet about this topic through Google, but there's no definitive link or website that talks about this to a good degree.

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