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Christology appears to have continually escalated as time went by, gradually filling in features of virgin birth, then divine conception, then incarnation and the range of “I am” statements finally found in John.Eschatology appears to have adapted and morphed, since Jesus did not return within the lifetime of “this generation”.Nominal expectancy was 25-30 years, but this lengthened to 47 years for those who lived to be 10; hence, the 50-year timeframe shown here.

Kingdom imagery gradually rotated from a horizontal this age-next age temporal expectations to a vertical earthly-heavenly orientation.

The age of the disciples was based on typical life expectancy during the classical Roman period.

(2) The gospels do not claim eyewitness authorship. In fact, the first testimony about who wrote the gospels does not come until 180 AD, when Irenaeus recorded the ascriptions apparently passed on by oral tradition.

Undermining his views, the gospels were actually complex compositions written in Greek, which are unlikely to have been the product of un-educated Aramaic-speaking Galilean disciples.

Brown’s He was regarded as occupying the center ground in the field of biblical studies, opposing the literalism found among many fundamentalist Christians while not carrying his conclusions as far as many other scholars.

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