Dating buescher saxophone jason mraz dating tristan

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Well, the alto is the most popular pitch in the saxophone family and Buescher generally introduced changes in their alto designs first, and then migrated them to the other pitches.

2627xx to ca 267xxx; 1932 to 1934 * Aristocrat (Series I): s/n 267xxx to ca.

291xxx; 1934 to 1941 * Aristocrat "Big B" models: s/n 291xxx to ca.

Selmer Mark VI baritone, sopranos and sopraninos were available 15 years after their alto and tenor counterparts were discontinued and "migrated" to the Mark VII and Super 80 Series I).

The other major reasons are that I don't have enough pictures for all the pitches and it would be extremely time-consuming to post them all, even if I did.s/n ca.

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