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You're pretty sure he'll be home in an hour because the rest of the finance team isn't exactly known for their hard partying. You don't have to worry about your partner standing around awkwardly at the office holiday party, because they can do their own thing.

You barely even see each other at office functions, whether it's a company-sponsored happy hour or beer pong in Randy's garage.11. A time may come when you're not working together anymore, and when that time comes, chances are you helped each other with that new job.

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You aren't jealous when your partner grabs drinks with the rest of the art department.

Since you know everybody, there's no chance you're sitting at home and freaking out about who they might be out there with.

You go on a date seven times a week, and yes, the five lunch breaks you take count. Unless you consider sitting in your break room along with the office weirdo eating vending machine food "quality." But still ... Unlike other couples, who would be completely lost while listening to tales from work, you always know exactly what's going on and these stories impact you, so you're more invested. You share a mutual passion for how much you both hate Terry. For most couples, if you're struggling with your workload, their partner can only give them generic advice like, "Um, I believe in you." But your partner can also say, "Oh, well, did you know these keyboard commands? When you're having a bad day, your partner can pop over and cheer you up, instead of just sending a text.

When you need to vent about work, your partner is right there to trash-talk everyone you hate too. It's way better than having to settle for a few texts or a quick phone call before you have to get back to work. You're a professional power couple and you are crushing it when you work together on a project.

Plus, as hard as you might try to hide the drama from your co-workers, it always gets out.

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