Dating cultures around world

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After a trip to the museum, it's only natural that they would incorporate some of these awe-inspiring characters into an imaginative game.

Players: Four or more; ages 4 and up How to Play: Choose one player to be "It" and have her stand, eyes covered, in the center of a large, open playing field.

Given the chance to break out of the crowd, Pakistani children, much like American kids, love to laugh and shout their way through a rousing game of tag.

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How to Play: The game begins with one child as "It." He chooses either ounch (up) or neech (down).

If he chooses neech, then the ground is not safe; runners can be tagged out unless they are ounch, up on something like a stump or a rock.

She starts to count, at least to 10, but she can go higher.

The point is that there's no set ending number; only "It" knows when she'll stop and open her eyes.

" Trying not to be felt, the runner drops the handkerchief on a child's back and runs.

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