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“No harm, no foul.” At first, many editors thought taking down photos of an ex might seem too bitter.

“You don’t want to erase someone’s complete memory,” says one fashion editor.

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One editor presented a stealthy way to get around the process of unfriending, unfollowing, and purging old photos. “Change your handle, change your life.” Funnily enough, all of us agreed that a romantic interest who has no online presence at all is the epitome of cool.

“Usually, when I start dating someone, I like to conduct a mini-investigation by going on their Instagram,” explains one writer.

“We’ve all been down the rabbit hole of stalking the old relationship, the ex, the friends of the ex,” says another editor.

“It can be intimidating to look through it, but what did you expect?

“Out of sight, out of mind.” There was one thing all the editors agreed on, and that was profile photos: “Profile photos are definitely fair game to delete if they have an ex in them,” says one producer.

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