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The bright yellow & orange sign was most likely installed in the ’60s, along with the cool multicolored booths of thick orange/yellow/pink/beige stripes.Barney’s has always been known for their large selection of beer, hamburgers & chili, but they slightly scaled down the menu about 4 years ago.

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In the early days it was frequented by actors like Clara Bow, John Barrymore, Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Clark Gable and more.

In the 1960s it became a hangout for musicians like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, who favored booth #34.

It moved to its current location in West Hollywood in 1927, when Santa Monica Blvd was still a dirt road and was surrounded by poinsettia fields.

It was always a shack or roadhouse with wooden walls & floors, and still hasn’t changed much.

My criteria for the restaurants here is that they are 1979 or older, although there are a few exceptions, and that they are within about an hour’s drive from downtown L. You will find classic steakhouses, Googie diners, pastrami delicatessens, walk-up hamburger stands and more. As of December 2016 the list is at just 403 places, spread as far south as the bottom of Orange County, east to San Bernardino and north to Santa Clarita. I have been photographing all of these restaurants and have a Google Map in the works broken down by type of restaurant, location and descriptions.

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