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The organizations below focus on helping mothers who are struggling financially with the means to attend school, become financially independent or grow a business.

Emotional support for divorced moms takes the forms of support groups, counseling and even legal guidance.

In recognition of the stress that accompanies these responsibilities, non-profit groups, charities and community organizations offer assistance to divorced moms in the forms of counseling, low-interest loans, grants and support groups.

I decided to give her advice by writing “10 Single Mom Dating Tips.” Jackie, I’m wondering if you can write about dating as a single mom when your ex is especially difficult.

In any divorce, when you think about dating again, you get overwhelmed, but what if you add to that worries about your ex actually trying to My ex is a narcissist and very difficult. A friend of mine met a woman he fell head over heels for.

When I hear a guy bitching about his ex-wife, I kind of roll my eyes, and chances are, that’s exactly what your guy will probably do, should your ex try to “warn” him of getting involved with you.

If you are a divorced, single mom, you’ve had to heal from the pain of your divorce plus take on the responsibility of doing the majority of the childcare.

You also have to put food on the table, a roof over the family’s head and, at times deal with an irrational ex-husband.

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