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So for about a month, I moved myself to the floor of the baby's room.

He transitioned easily into the crib, but I slept on the floor of his room every night and fed him when he woke up hungry.

Out of 11484 survey responses, 5978 (52.1%) of the moms were still pregnant at this time.

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Sun Sep 11 PM by Angelica in Pregnancy & Parenting My statement was meant to indicate that I'm not finished with my thoughts on this topic, rather than to create drama.

I believe parents in this world universally make a big mistake when it comes time to start thinking about their children using the toilet.

second & third time moms Length of pregnancy, type of delivery Gestation vs. Birth Stories Survey input dates I was proficient in fine/gross motor skills and cognitive development for my age, but I was further behind in speech/language development and social/emotional development.

Birthweight Probablity of Induction after a given day Average day of spontaneous labor vs. I caught up in them perhaps by ages 5-7, with vestiges of social issues lasting longer (like my temper).

age of mother at time of birth Are more babies born during a full moon? There was nothing inherently bad about being a bit off in timing, though in my case my imbalance was severe enough that I did need professional help from a speech pathologist. New social situations make me feel somewhat awkward, but I've also learned that many other people feel the same way about novel contexts, so I think I'm with the curve there. XD I grew up with definite lag in speech/language development.

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