Dating for women who love beards Portuguese masturbating on chatrandom

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#3: Beards are what separate the boys from the men.

Okay, now you boys who can’t grow beards don’t get your panties in a bunch.

Let’s just clear up what I mean when I say beard and what actually is considered a good beard.

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The reason why Boldsky suggests to date a man with a beard this November is because you will totally enjoy the rough kisses, you will fall head over heels when he hugs you and brushes his face against your's and of course lovemaking will be delightful!

On the other hand, there are more reasons why women should date bearded men this November and it goes beyond physical pleasure. Take a look at why bearded men are the best lovers in the world. Support Him For 'No Shave November' - Since it is 'No Shave November', it is a woman's duty to date a man who has a beard.

When I see a beard I see a rugged, hardworking man who knows how to work with his hands.

I could go on and on about why beards rule and why more women should appreciate beards, but I will leave you with these three.

Honestly, if you can only squeeze out a patchy chinstrap: keep it clean-shaven. When you think masculinity, besides muscles, you think beards.

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