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Governor of Pohnpei State The Honorable John Ehsa; FSM Secretary of Education The Honorable Casiano Shonibur; Postmaster General and Mrs.

Midion Neth; President of the College of Micronesia Mr. Ricky Cantero, Assistant Secretary, FSM Department of Foreign Affairs; Dr. Nancy Ward, Regional Administrator for Region IX of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and her delegation; volunteer wardens in our U. warden network; Peace Corps, World Teach, and Jesuit Volunteers; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen. She’s going to speak in a moment, but first let me get my two cents in.

The reasons for the lack of economic growth are complex, but certainly not beyond the capacity of a committed reform effort to address successfully with the support of the U. I am also counting on David to help Lori and me lobby for the critically important but long-deferred policy reforms that would enable private sector led growth: tax reform; land registration and titling reform; liberalization and harmonization of investment laws; management of public utilities on a sustainable commercial basis; sustainable management of the world’s last healthy tuna fisheries to realize their full potential for the people of the FSM; and improved education to ensure that the young people in this country have the skills needed to compete and succeed in the 21st century and to meet the real needs of this country.

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David then joined the Peace Corps where he served two years as an Agricultural/Business volunteer in a rural village in the mountains of Bolivia.

He then worked at a small NGO in New York City assisting immigrants with financial planning and money management.

Let me now introduce the other new member of my Mission, Mr. David will serve as the Mission’s Consular Officer. Which reminds me: If you are an American residing in this country, please, please register with the embassy. It’s important – certainly in the case of emergencies.

To a large extent, a consular officer is the face of an embassy. diplomatic service is unique in that ambassadors cannot issue visas; this authority rests exclusively with those with consular commissions. And it’s confidential – we don’t release any information about you without your permission.

He sees the most people, including Americans, day in and day out. So I count on David’s good judgment in these matters. David is also going to serve as the Mission’s Economic Officer – another vital role.

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