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We’re counting down 24 of them, from best to worst.

– Kristi Turnquist TV game shows come and go, but the longest-running ones have stayed popular for a reason.

In 1973, this was called "The 10,000 Pyramid," and then the top prize went up to $25,000, $50,000 and rose to $100,000 for the ABC revival hosted by Michael Strahan, debuting June 26.

The celebs-civilians teams are fun to watch, and the word-association guessing game questions are pretty easy, which adds to the good cheer."Wheel of Fortune" isn't the world's most demanding game show (it's basically a version of the word game, "Hangman"), but it's been popular for decades thanks to current host Pat Sajak, who has the right combination of slightly naughty/nice guy attitude, and Vanna White, who has made looking pretty and displaying merchandise into a sort of art form.

Celebrity panelists asked questions of guests to try and figure out what line of work the guest was in.

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