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Better chose other place in Ph,all is overpriced and too far expensive in cebu city and everybody will rip you off there. Apparently the staff including the airport manager are on a crusade to pay back to western tourist for what xenophobic western officials are doing to Filipinos traveling abroad...

And everybody expect a lot of moeny from you(you pay the double for the half),even Manila is far cheaper. Apparently sex tourist are warmly welcomed as they bring the money... there have been several cases of deportation of Americans, Europeans and Australians back to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.

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We don't accommodate your kind here in Cebu and globally. A Philippines army spokesman said Mr Ridsdel's severed head was found on the remote island of Jolo, hours after the Abu Sayyaf ransom deadline expired.

Very expensive there,with 2000 Us$ you very low life there,count of course for the city only.

My advice go Bacolod, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Tagaytay, Baguio, Angeles or Subic Area for retire ,you will spare a lot of money. I ate out twice a day and got a hour long massage about every third day. The Philippine government is well informed about the occurrences but has not moved a finger. Iive got 1bedroom condo unit(53sq.meters)two own garage. T park(cebu business park)fully furnished with [email protected](including monthly dues.) to if you are interested and more info [email protected] [email protected] If you looking a house and lot or condo or any property, dont hesitate to ask me about your concerns,, international property endorser living in cebu and i can discuss you about the probable cost of any property you want to buy.

Also for investment much better,condo prices half a price the other areas. 8200 pesos for a brand new studio apartment, electric 850 pesos ( maybe 15 to 20 hours aircon a month) water 40 pesos visa 3000 pesos I then gave myself 1000 pesos a day for food, entertainment, misc. Good luck with the paedophiles and the sex tourist! Sun 09225159933 Landline (032) 231-2878 I have been coming to the PH for the past 10 years and have had my share of good and bad times too.

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