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Her hair was tied up in a way resembling the heroines of 1950s/1960s. She appeared in a “I don’t know how to describe the color” saree at Dheeraj Deshmukh’s wedding.She carried a cute black potli too 🙂 At Riteish Deshmukh’s wedding, she wore a bright fuschia pink and yellow half saree, again the potli is an eye catcher!

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Dating kr st miss z

Never once I have stared at Diya Mirza’s appearance and stated “uggh…what is she wearing?

There is not even a single public appearance in which she has turned out lousy or “blah.” She carries Indian outfits with equal elan as the western wear.

BUT if I had to choose i would choose the IIFA one and the black saree..though I dont know if the style of the black saree from the back is all that great but nevertheless she still looks lovely in the sheer blouse.she hardly ever goes wrong with her dress style and she hasnt disappointed in all these pics either.

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There are lots of other looks of Diya Mirza in the traditional Indian attire that I like, but I cannot accommodate all of them here.

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