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Everybody who was somebody, and also every nobody who wanted to be a somebody, seemed to wear a Nudie piece of clothing!

From left to right: Faron Young (December 21, 1957) Justin Tubb (February 1956) Ray Price (December 21, 1957) Here we have a very interesting document: A letter from Nudie Cohn to Colonel Parker.

The first thing that captures the eye is that the letter is dated on the same day the historical Million Dollar Quartet took place at Sun Studios in Memphis: December 4, 1956.

Nudie Cohn’s second creation for Elvis was the famous COWBOY OUTFIT from Loving You.

Filming started in the middle of January 1957, so we can assume that Nudie delivered the outfit to Paramount somewhere in late December 1956 or early January 1957 at the latest.

Elvis is proudly posing in his new set of clothes in front of the fireplace at Audubon Drive.

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