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He later went to his producer and joked that the film could not be done unless Marguerite Duras was involved in writing the screenplay.

J’ai toujours pensé que la première relation témoigne de la façon dont on veut être aimé et l’argent, ne serait-ce que par les attentions, les cadeaux qu’on veut donner et recevoir, compte dans cette conception du couple.

Je viens d’une famille où l’argent est presque considéré comme « sale », en aucun cas un signe de reconnaissance.

The film uses highly structured repetitive dialogue, mostly consisting of Her narration, with Him interjecting to say she is wrong, lying or confused, or to deny and contradict her statements with the film's famous line "You are not endowed with memory." Although He disagrees and rejects many of the things She says, he pursues her constantly.

The film is peppered with dozens of brief flashbacks to Her life; in her youth in the French town Nevers, she was shamed and had her head shaved as punishment for having a love affair with a German soldier, which she juxtaposes with the loss of the hair "which the women of Hiroshima will find has fallen out in the morning." According to James Monaco, Resnais was originally commissioned to make a short documentary about the atomic bomb, but spent several months confused about how to proceed because he did not want to recreate his 1955 Holocaust documentary Night and Fog.

Among the film's innovations is Resnais' experiments with very brief flashback sequences intercut into scenes to suggest the idea of a brief flash of memory.

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