Dating recovering alcoholic man tell your parents online dating

by  |  04-Apr-2016 23:40

You know you are participating in something that is potentially damaging to many people and that there could be repercussions for yourself.You maintain the sense of safety by trying not to think about these realities.

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Self-righteous, yet guilty You tell yourself you deserve to be happy, that you are making him happy.

You may even tell yourself you are helping him to be a better husband by the love and comfort you provide.

You find yourself forgoing activities that you used to enjoy that might make you unavailable to him should he suddenly have time to see you.

The silence of the phone can feel like the bars of this prison.

If you are a single woman that has been seeing a married man for some time and reading this, chances are that you have already gone through the initial stages of infatuation and blinding bliss.

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